The field Fence is perfect for containing farm livestock, and features smaller mesh openings near the ground to prevent hoof injuries from animals stepping through the fence. The field fence is manufactured using galvanized steel, woven rather than welded, with expansion crimps to help the fence stretch and conform to the terrain.

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Advantage for the field fence:

Hinged joint wire construction adds stability and flexibility,

Able to withstand the demands of corralling large animal herds,

Ideal for all terrains, as well as corrals and pastures,

Special wire crimps withstand even the most severe weather by allowing the fence to expand and contract,

Galvanized wire resists weathering as well as wear and tear,

Monarch Knot acts as a hinge that gives under pressure then allows the fence to spring back into shape.

With tough galvanized metal, the field fence has a longer life span than most livestock fencing. You won't have to invest as much time or money in maintenance, yet you can count on your new livestock fencing to keep your animals contained.

Our high quality galvanized livestock fencing will ensure that your livestock is fully contained. You can use the field fence to get the best quality product while saving money.


Field Fence Specification:  

Sizes    Warp Wire# Roll Width Edge Warp Wire Middle Weft Wire    Warp Wire
5/70/15    5       700mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
8/110/15    8       1100mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
5/70/30    5       700mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
6/70/30    6       700mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
5/90/15    6       900mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
7/90/30    7       900mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
8/110/30    8       700mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
5/70/60    5       700mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
6/90/60    5       900mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
6/100/60    6       1000mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
7/90/60    7       900mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
7/100/60    7       1000mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
7/110/60    7       1100mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm
8/110/60    8       1100mm     2.8mm         2.5mm        2.5mm

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